I’ve had a dream my whole life of creating a sustainable culture for my community in which petroleum, bigAgri, bigPharma, bigBanks, and the prejudices of the old world have no power to enslave us. The past 3 years I have spent building up to creating a non-profit organization that is now off the ground. My goal is to beautify and popularize sustainability through art and creation of new culture. I’m working on 100 acres of land inside my city to create a school for permaculture/sustainability, an earthen-stage to have music and arts festivals to bring more awarness and funds to sustainable culture, and it is all surrounded by a vast system of trails through an edible art park (food forest) that is open to the public. Since starting this project I’ve been overwhelmed by support from artists, activists, permaculturists, and just common citizens of my city. 

My dream is now being threatened by our unjust laws surrounding cannabis prohibition. The house I was staying at after a long day working on the project, was raided by the Drug Task Force (DTF) and I was arrested for allegedly possessing a quarterpound of marijuana that was found in the building. The DTF confiscated all of the money we had raised for our non-profit, my personal savings to be invested in the project, and all other money in the house, and only reported taking 1/4 of the money they actually took. This means the agents enforcing our corrupt system are corrupt in themselves to pocket most of the money they found as a personal bonus.

Being a student activist from a low-income family I have no where to turn now that I am being faced with huge legal fines and the need to hire a lawyer. The internet has always been there for me from helping me come to terms with my sexuality, and coming out to my parents, to providing a free education and access to unlimited information surrounding sustainability, health, and the truth about the corrupt system we live in. Now I turn to the internet looking for compassionate people willing to contribute to helping me keep my freedom, and keep fighting to enact real cultural change in the south.


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